How to choose a domain extension / TLD

How to choose a domain extension / TLD

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably already chosen that perfect domain name for your business or next crypto project. However, the world of domain extensions, also known as top-level domains (TLDs) can not only be confusing but may prevent you from getting that dream domain. We’ve put together some helpful tips, tricks and questions to ask yourself in order to decide on the best TLD for your website.


What does a top-level domain mean and why is it important?

A top-level domain (or domain extension) is the suffix at the end of your website address. The most common TLD is .com, and these TLDs help signify the type of website you have, the location of the website or simply allow you to choose a domain name that best represents your brand.

The original TLDs introduced as part of the Domain Name System (DNS) included .com, .net and .org. Since then, the internet has become an increasingly complex and crowded place, requiring a range of new TLDs to be introduced in the decades since ranging from country codes (e.g. to modern options like .tech and .blog.

Most recently, the opportunity to own crypto domains has become an option. These new domain extensions include .crypto and allow you to assign a name or brand to a crypto wallet, as well as other great opportunities. We go into a lot more detail about these further in this article and in other dedicated articles in our blog section.


Why are they so important?

There are three key reasons why a domain extension is important and making the right decision can influence the success of your business, or enhance the value of the domain when trading it on the Cloudname platform.

Hints at what you offer

By selecting a suitable domain extension, you’re able to provide insight into the type of business you run or the industry you operate in. A great example of this is the .tech TLD. Maybe you have a brand name that doesn’t include a term that explains your services? By having .tech at the end it is clear you operate within this market.

Show the country you operate within

Many people will want to make it clear that their business or portfolio of domains are relevant to a specific country and ccTLDs allow this to happen. If you want people to know you’re based in the UK, then go for a domain extension.

Helps to build trust

This is less of a concern in the modern era of the internet, as a result of so many different TLDs to choose from. However, there is still a lot of trust placed on reputable domain extensions like .com and .org. If you can get your preferred domain with .com then it adds authority to your business and value to the domain when trading.


What are the main types of domain extension to choose from?

Deciding on a domain extension is not a simple task, as it presents an opportunity to enhance your brand and connect to your potential customers. The TLDs fall under four main sections that have been explored below, but these are just the tip of the iceberg so make sure to check out our platform for more ideas on domains and domain extensions.


The traditional top-level domains that every reader will be familiar with. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) include .com, .net and .org and as a result, are the most in-demand and often already taken.


The term ccTLD refers to Country Code Top-Level Domains and as the name suggests, these are the domains that represent countries. An example would be the ccTLD, representing the United Kingdom.

New TLDs

As the internet has matured, the availability of domains started to shrink and as a result, a host of new generic top-level domains have been introduced. These fun, interesting domain extensions allow an individual or business to get creative. Some perfect examples include .tech and .blog.

Crypto TLDs

Crypto domains are pioneering new opportunities for people to own blockchain-based web domains. These TLDs include .crypto and can be used as a payment gateway for cryptocurrency payments, as well as for a website. They are also purchased and then owned indefinitely, as opposed to traditional TLDs.


What factors determine the best domain extension for my project?

The factors that will determine the best domain extension for you very much depend on your individual requirements. Are you searching for a website to represent your business or brand? Or perhaps you’re searching for a domain that will grow in value so you can trade it in the future? We’ve summarised the main factors for you to evaluate below:


Why do you want a website?

The internet and specifically a domain offer an individual a way to achieve a variety of goals. Do you fall into one of the following categories:

  • – You want to find a domain to trade or add to your domain portfolio 

  • – You have an existing business or start-up that you want a new website for

  • – You have a personal project you wish to show off on the internet

  • – You want to have your own crypto domain in order to accept cryptocurrency

It may be another reason but fundamentally, the purpose for you searching for a domain extension will determine the most suitable TLD for you. If you’re looking for a website for your app development business then a .com or .tech may be the way forward. Equally, if you want to promote your services in the UK, then a is a great choice.


Who do you want to target with your website?

No matter the reason for having a website, you will have a target audience that you wish to engage with. Maybe you’ve done your research and .com domains are more appealing to traders on platforms like Cloudname? Or you’ve just set up a new tech business and want to have your brand name followed by .tech?

Take the time to research who you’re targeting with your website in the same way that you would do research on customers for a product or service. This will repay you in the long run as you will achieve more authority, authenticity and ultimately greater value.


Will it help your brand?

Some people focus on the part of the web address that comes before the domain extension, such as Cloudname in This is understandable as it is often an extension of a brand across different marketing channels.

However, some domain extensions can help improve the connection between customers and branding. A more recognisable or trustworthy domain extension will improve trust in the brand.  Furthermore, an alternative extension may allow you to choose a better website address as the .tech equivalent of .com isn’t taken.

Take into account what kind of brand you have and what your marketing goals are when deciding on a domain extension.


Are you operating in a specific location or market?

We believe this is less of a key factor than it used to be, with the growing connectivity between countries. For some though, particularly those who only operate in a specific country then a ccTLD like for the UK or .ca for Canada are a fantastic way to build authenticity and trust with local customers.

Historically, a .org domain extension was linked to organisations such as charities but this has now been expanded to allow use by anyone. For those requiring a domain for a charity or professional organisation, these specific types of domain extensions are still appealing thanks to the historical link and in-built trust they generate.

There are countless other combinations of industries and domain extensions that you could consider and this connection may be an important factor for some people.


What about crypto domain extensions and why should I choose one?

Crypto domains, sometimes known as blockchain domains are different from the traditional categories but fundamentally offer the same kind of result. These domains are registered on the blockchain and have extensions including .crypto and .x.

When you buy one of these, it is permanently yours and can be used to point to a cryptocurrency wallet or a more traditional option like a website. There is fantastic potential with crypto domains and you can buy, sell, tokenize and rent them on our platform as part of your domain portfolio. We’ve put together some insightful articles on this very subject, starting with this explanation of what a crypto domain is.


The benefits to choosing a crypto domain extension

It may feel like a complicated subject, or not necessarily the right domain extension for you but there are clear real-world benefits to selecting a crypto domain. We’ve highlighted the key benefits below to help you make a decision on whether a traditional or crypto domain is the way forward:

  • – Use for payments: These domains can be connected to a cryptocurrency wallet in order to easily make/receive payments. It is far easier to advertise your wallet details with a domain when compared to the traditional complicated ID.

  • – Permanently yours: When you buy a crypto domain, it becomes permanently yours. This takes away the need to remember to renew and budget for multiple payments.

  • – Easier to trade: Thanks to the design of blockchain, you don’t need to use an escrow agent when trading this type of domain. As a result, it is quick and easy to buy or sell on our platform.

  • – Gain Independence: Thanks to it not being part of the central ICANN system, you aren’t governed by certain companies and government rules.

  • – Grow your brand: Crypto domains are an opportunity to build a brand within the world of NFTs and blockchain technology. It enables you to find new markets, new opportunities and connect with new audiences.


Sign up to our platform today and join our growing community who want to register, trade and rent domains with almost every extension available. Join countless others who have researched the perfect domain for their business or portfolio and invested in the future.

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