What is Cloudname?

What is Cloudname?

Cloudname is a simple yet powerful tool through which you can discover new domains and find meaningful data on domain market.

Cloudname offers a complete domain trading experience, with statistics that update in real time and new domains uploaded to the platform every day.

At Cloudname you can:

  1. Buy traditional and web3 (crypto) domains;
  2. Sell your domains;
  3. Buy the perfect domain for your brand;
  4. Buy a domain as an investment;
  5. Decide the currency you want to be paid with when selling a domain (FIAT or crypto: USDT, WETH, WBNB, BUSD, CNAME);
  6. Invest in Crypto! Cloudname has its own $CNAME token, which lends itself to traditional cryptocurrency trading but also to domain buying and selling. Yes, in fact you can choose to get paid in CNAME when you sell a domain!

What makes Cloudname special? Our values, which meet those of our customers every day. Cloudname talks openly with its customers to receive feedback and keep up with the latest news from the domain market.

In addition, Cloudname takes a collaborative approach to the market every day: we at Cloudname believe in the value of true partnerships and cooperation to benefit our customers.

Getting Started

OK, now you know a little bit about Cloudname, but you may be wondering: where do I start? Well, Cloudname is as simple to understand as it is useful for your investment.

Just go to the Marketplace and search for the domain that suits you: use the search bar or the search filters to find what you are looking for more easily.

Don’t want to buy a domain, but want to sell one? No sooner said than done! Create a Cloudname account and list your domain in just a few clicks. Find out how here.

Cloudname guarantees all its customers