Domains market in 2022 – Cloudname Report

Domains market in 2022 - Cloudname Report

What to expect from the domains market in 2022? Based on the growth trend of gTLDs, New gTLDs and ccTLDs, we can estimate how many domains will be on the web during 2022. Cloudname conducted all the estimates and analysis outlined here based on ICANN data. You can download the full report here


In 2020, there were approximately 408 million registered TLDs worldwide with a CAGR of 6.36% over the past 12 years. Assuming the historical trend remains steady, we can expect a further 6% growth in 2022, when the number of TLDs may approach 460 million.


In 2020, there were 219 gTLDs, 68% of which are .com domains. The CAGR over the past 12 years is 5.21%, and in 2022 a 5% increase is estimated for a total of 230 million registered domains. gTLDs are the most prevalent of all domains, alone accounting for more than 50% of existing TLDs. 

New gTLDs

These are the fastest growing domains in the last 12 years, with a CAGR of 34%. In 2020 there were 32 million New gTLDs and we estimate an increase of 11% in 2022. This year we can expect a total of almost 40 million New gTLDs. Remember that the latest generation domains, such as .xyz, .online or .site, belong to this category. 


Users continue to use domains with national extensions widely, including for example or .it. ccTLDs represent about 43% of the total TLDs and have a CAGR of 5.92% over the past 12 years. We can expect a 6% increase in 2022 for a total of 177 million registrations.


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