Domain Trading Dos and Donts

domain tradingDomain Trading Dos and Donts

In this day and age, there are lots of ways to invest your hard-earned money. You can choose to invest in stocks and stick with the traditional route of investing, or you can try an innovative way of putting your money to work through domain trading.

While you can make significant amounts of money trading domains, it’s easy to make simple mistakes, causing you to lose money. And no one wants that.

Despite the seemingly simple nature of domain trading, this type of investment also carries a certain degree of risk. It’s important to remember that no matter what you do, you can’t eliminate that risk fully.

However, you can reduce the risk when trading domains by approaching it in a structured and prepared way.

We’re here to help you do just that.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the dos and don’ts of domain trading. We will check out some things you should do to increase the potential for you to earn money when domain trading, and also a couple of mistakes to avoid when getting into the market.

Read on to learn more.


What To Do When Trading Domains

Before we get into the common mistakes people make when trading domains, we have to look at the things we should do. Below are a couple of really good practices that you should apply when building your domain investment portfolio.

While this won’t ensure that you’ll earn money on your domains, it does reduce the chances of you losing your money.

Remember, domain trading can be risky, so only invest money you can afford to lose.


Be Patient & Build a Good Portfolio

First of all, you need to remember that getting into domain trading is an investment, and investments are often long-term games. So, while you can have a couple of domains that you can flip quickly, it’s often best to build up a portfolio with the view of selling domains further down the line.

Additionally, it’s important to have a diverse domains portfolio. Make sure not to focus on just one niche and spread out into different areas.

For instance, don’t just focus on emoji domains. Mix it up and venture into e-commerce domains, or industry-specific domains, and that way, you will spread out the risk your portfolio carries.

With that said, it’s also crucial to approach things slowly. You don’t want to rush into domain trading. To build a proper portfolio, you can expect to scour the internet for months, if not a year just to build a solid domain portfolio with high-quality names.

While it may not be too exciting to slowly build a portfolio over a couple of months, it’s absolutely essential. Rushing into the market might result in you making a bad investment that can potentially lose you money, which is never ideal.


Invest In Quality Domain Names

Another thing to remember is to invest in quality domain names. While we said earlier that you should build a rich and diverse portfolio, you shouldn’t just buy any name on the market. Remember, domain trading requires a lot of speculation, which means you need to find domains that can potentially rise in value in the future.

This means investing in domain names that make sense, that are catchy, and relate to a specific field that may grow in popularity.

Finding quality domain names can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the game. However, it’s important that you get acquainted with the qualities of a good or bad domain name as soon as possible.

That way, you can easily discern which domains are worth your investment and which ones you should pass on when looking at the market.


Find Good Auction Websites

When figuring out good domain names, there’s a high chance that most of the quality domain names are already taken. So, it’s very important for you to find good auction websites that are reliable and offer a safe space for you to buy domain names from their current owner.

To do that, we recommend Cloudname. This is because the Cloudname platform is trustworthy and provides a safe environment where the owner of a domain and the buyer can make the exchange safely.

Additionally, through the Cloudname platform, you can monitor live pricing of popular domains, spot trends more easily, have free access to relevant data and statistics, and much more to help you with making smart financial and investment decisions.

Of course, you may have other options available to you, and it’s always important to trust your gut. But if we’re going by popularity and the community’s choice, Cloudname is one of the best choices.


Get Your Domain On Top of the SERP

A common saying in the world of domain trading is that buying the domain is only half the battle. From there, you can’t just park your website and expect the demand for the domain name to rise. While there are options for you to park a domain name, this is a very passive approach to trading.

There is still a chance that the value of the domain will rise when parked. However, if you’re looking for more people to notice the importance and value of the domain name, you may need to set up a simple website.

Remember that potential buyers are interested in numbers and data. So, you need to get your domain out there and have people click on it to show the buyers that there is value in the domain name and their company can benefit from either buying or renting it from you.

Additionally, you also want to present your buyer with additional information on the domain. This includes the type of people that go on the website, how often they visit the website, and more.


Keep Researching

The last tip we can give you to increase your chances of earning money with domain trading is to always research. The internet is very different now than it was 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. And with those changes come new trends and different domains that become valuable.

For example, the most expensive domain on the market right now is However, if you go back a couple of years, you may have noticed that the most expensive domains were very different.

That’s why it’s very important that you always stay updated on the current trends and possible niches that will rise in popularity over the next couple of years.

A good investor is one that’s able to make adjustments quickly. So, we highly recommend doing as much research as possible before, during, and after buying and selling domains. That way, you won’t get left behind by the market and you can future-proof your investment portfolio as much as possible.


What NOT To Do When Trading Domains

Now that we’ve gone over the things that can increase the chances of you earning money, it’s time to look at the other side of the coin. In this section, we’re taking a look at the most common mistakes people make when trading domains.


Buy All the Domains Available

We mentioned earlier that you should build a varied and wide investment portfolio. However, that doesn’t mean buying any and every domain available on the market. It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying all the interesting domains you find but take it from us, this may not be the best move.

There’s no way to predict the future, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution out of the window when getting into domain trading. Before you start buying domains and going on the auction sites, make sure that you’ve done enough research that you feel confident that the domain will rise in value as time goes by.

When you buy a domain, you need to be able to explain your purchase. So, that means you shouldn’t buy domains that seem pointless. If you can’t find any potential uses for a certain domain, that probably means it’s not worth your investment.

No matter how unique, catchy, or even humorous a certain domain is, it is only worth your time, money, and effort if it has the potential to rise in value. And if you can’t find any reasons that people will want a certain domain in the future, then it’s best to pass on the opportunity.


Rushing Into Buying Domains

Another common mistake made by beginners and even experienced traders is rushing into buying domains. Again, investing in domains is a long-term game and rushing into your investments is risky and can potentially cause you to lose money.

This is because if you rush into the market, you don’t get to do enough research. Remember, research is everything when buying and selling domains.

If you’re being pressed to make a decision without doing the research, don’t get pressured into saying yes. While the feeling of missing out can be intense, it’s not as bad as losing money.

So, before making a decision on buying, selling, or trading a domain, make sure to take a few breaths and really think about what you’re doing. That way, you can make an informed and intelligent investment decision.


Think of Domain Trading As a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

We’ve mentioned this many times in this article, but we’ll do it again: domain trading is a long-term game. This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme that will transform a hundred dollars into a hundred thousand dollars.

There are tons of blog posts and social media posts out there that claim domain trading can transform and exponentially increase your money. And while this may be true in some select cases, most of the time, domains take a long time before they grow in value.

Most of the world’s most successful domain investors work around the clock every day. This is because succeeding with your domain investments takes a whole lot of work. There is no way for people to get rich without putting in the effort, and this goes for all fields, whether you’re trying to climb up the corporate ladder or building a domain investment portfolio.


How Much Money Can I Earn In Domain Trading?

Domain trading holds a lot of potential for earning money. However, it is by no means a sure-fire way to increase the amount in your current bank account. Domain trading is risky, and as much as there’s potential for investors to earn money, there’s a potential to lose money too.

In just about any investment field, the common consensus is to only trade with money you can afford to lose. If the money you use for trading was supposed to be used for groceries, essentials, or if you needed to take out a loan just to build your investment portfolio, you aren’t ready to invest.

If you’re looking to earn money in domain trading, you need to put in the time and do research. Again, following the tips above is not a way to guarantee your success. Instead, you should see these tips as different ways you can reduce the chance of failure.

At the end of the day, the amount of money you earn when domain trading can vary. This can depend on how much you invest, whether you are an active or passive investor, as well as the quality and potential of the domains you choose to purchase.



If you’re getting into the world of domain trading, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to get right in order to make smart investment decisions and reduce your risk of losing money.

There’s no single way to eliminate the risks when domain trading. However, there are many ways to manage the risk.

And if you follow the tips we mentioned in this article when you dive into the world of domain trading, you can increase your chances of success and profit from it 

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