About Cloudname

Cloudname is an innovative platform for online domain trading.
Discover the world of Cloudname and
everything you didn’t know about domain trading.
Start investing and create your domain portfolio.

What is domain Trading?

Ever thought of investing in the value of a word, an emoji, or a combination of them?
Thanks to Cloudname you can do it easily and with the right tools!
Start investing now and you’ll be able to live track the value of the domains you acquire.
Buy and sell domains based on latest news, market trends or simply on your intuition.

At the beginning
Was the wwword.

Cloudname is the pioneer of a world of digital, investment, and innovation.
A contemporary blend that wants to change the approach to online investing forever
becoming a one-of-a-kind in the sector.

Investing in domains means giving words an economic value
it means taking advantage of a new and unconventional business opportunity
it means becoming part of a change.

Create your domain portfolio on Cloudname.
Start by purchasing domains that are already high-profile
 While keeping an eye on the future, going beyond space and time
and investing in domains that could become popular.



Davide Vicini

CEO & Co-founder

Manuel Vanzetta

COO & Co-founder

Francesco Andreoli

Data Officer & Co-founder

Federico Costa


Mattia Martone

Marketing Manager

Leonardo Saulle

Social Media Manager
Siful Moni

Siful Moni

Head of Domain & Market

Patrick Gastaldon

Head of Design

Matthias Kiefer

Jr. Marketing Associate

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